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Welcome to Our Hidden Nerdy Side

A place for D&D and other tabletop RPG players to learn more about storytelling in roleplaying games, discover new tools, and buy some cool merch TTRPG nerds would actually want to wear!

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New to the 
HNS Community?

The best way to get acquainted with Hidden Nerdy Side is to simply check out the dozens game master resources listed on YouTube. Check out our encounter builds, game master tips, homebrews of pop culture monsters and more!

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More of a Written Resource Person?

No worries - we got you covered! Written and more in-depth versions of our encounters are available, filled with extra content, stat blocks, mechanics, roll tables advice on implementation and even more goodies!

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Looking for even more additional homebrew content, such as items, spells, subclasses, game mechanics and more? What about Discord Perks? Discounts on our merch? Free encounter companion pieces? 

All that and more are available through the Hidden Nerdy Side Patreon.

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Need More

If our videos and written encounters are still not enough to satisfy your craving for tabletop content, we regularly post articles written by us and other D&D and TTRPG creators. 

Here you can find more traditional articles, like worldbuilding tips and player advice. But we also tackle topics about niche aspects of the tabletop industry.


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