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The Bracket

There are many monsters in Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition and we have selected the top 32 most powerful to compete in this tournament. The combatants were determined by a number of factors including CR, how hard they hit, how hard they are to kill, community opinion and variety (mainly limiting the number of dragons so the bracket isn't 80% draconic). Seating was determined by CR.


There were many worthy competitors to choose from but after debating with several seasoned game masters, we decided on the finalized bracket below. Feel free to DM Matt @hiddennerdyside to personally voice your complaints. He may get back to you in 6-8 weeks.


GGR, Page 230

Ravinca's defender of the weak sets out to make her angelic mark in the Monster Deathmatch tournament and bring pride to the Boros Region.


FTD, Page 191

Mulkek has been asleep for decades but woke up at the Monster Deathmatch tournament. He figured he might as well give it a go before going back to sleep again.


FTD, Page 165

The almighty Bahamut somehow slipped through the god of the arena's gaze. But a piece of Bahamut's power was tracked down. But while only an aspect be enough to win?


FTD, Page 166

The five-headed dragon god wants to let the whole world just how powerful she is. That is why she technically has entered this tournament twice. Is that fair? No. But in this tournament, we settle all disputes in the ring!


BGDIA, Page 115

Zariel's second-in-command is tired of playing second fiddle and is more than willing to take the top spot on the most epic combat stage.


SCC, Page 186

The dragonic master of life and death and founder of the Witherbloom college plans to use her understanding of the life cycle to bring her foes closer to it's final stage.


MTF, Page 144

The prince of demons aims to be the king of deadly foes by through sheer destructive power and by causing his foes to go completely mad.


ERLW, Page 288

The ultimate corrupter and stealer of thoughts will look to dine some delicious brains while topping the tournament bracket in the process.


MTF, Page 149

This almighty nine-foot-tall dark prince has six fingers on each hand and six toes on each foot. Will that be enough to win? Probably not...


WDMM, Page 310

The Mad Mage of the Undermountain tends to remain unseen and unbothered but has been promised even more arcane knowledge if he remains standing in the end.


MTF Page 151

The Faceless Lord and the ultimate ooze is representing oozes everywhere in this tournament. Is his acid pseudopods and noxious slime enough to burn his way to the top?


SKT, Page 95

A massive red dragon that dual wields wands? Will that be enough to help him make his mark on in the Monster Deathmatch?


BGDIA, Page 105

Tired of waiting for giants to turn to demon worship and summon him, he was ecstatic when he was teleported out of the Abyss to cause some havoc on his own terms.


SKT, Page 241

The most almighty of elementals will attempt to use searing hot flames to burn a path forward until they claim the tournament crown.


MTF, Page 213

Created by Primus himself,

Alpha-420 is one of the mightiest maruts who is coming to show his mechanical might and bring law and order to the Monster Deathmatch.


GGR, Page 241

The leader of the Izzet League is taking a mental break from his experiments to wreak havoc and destruction on the lesser beings who dare face him in this tournament.


MTF, Page 153

The Demon Prince of Undeath takes pleasure in the suffering of others. Why wouldn't he be chosen for a tournament full of pain?


GGR, Page 247

This 30-foot tall scythe-wielder was born an entertainer. He is one of the few contestants who has invited his own people to behold his glory in the arena.


ERLW, Page 303

As the incarnation of war-faring impulses - it's no surprise he has found his way here. With a body covered in iron spikes and his 40-foot wing span, he's one of the tournament's front runners.


MTF, Page 213

Charsima was promised by the Greater God of the Monster Deathmatch to aid in the reawakening of Sardior, the Ruby Dragon, if the sapphire dragon reigns supreme.


SKT, Page 224

A massive kraken wizard (yes, you read that right) who also founded the Kraken Society (yes, that does exist) is fighting for the respect of krakens everywhere.


ERLW, Page 304

The Queen of Shadows and Keeper of Secrets usually has wizards and warlocks do her bidding. But now she is given no choice to show just how strong she really is.


SCC, Page 218

A dragon with the power to alter the properties of existence, fold space and harness the power of mathematics! Will this giga-brained scaley scientist end up taking home the trophy?


MM, Page 286

There are few creatures more legendary than the tarrasque. Arkash was their chosen representative who is simply looking to get a well-earned meal each and every round.


RoT, Page 92

What can be said by the five-headed dragon goddess that hasn't been said already? But is Tiamat the strongest of all? Only time will tell.


MOT, Page 254

This mythic kraken hopes to show the world the true power of the sea. Will the sea reign supreme at the end of the day? 


SCC, Page 219

The first dragon of Strixhaven to master the magical arts of order, chaos, and the predictions of events. But does Velomachus predict she'll win this brutal competition?


ERLW, Page 35

The mightiest of House Cannith's mechanical creations, WX-69 helped wars end before. Will it be able to end the lives of it's Monstet Deathmatch competitors?


MTF, Page 155

The god of gnolls and Beast of Butchery lives to tear his enemies limb from limb. Win or lose, this demon lord is going to have a hell of a time.


MFF, Page 20

The first slaadi in existence revels in the opportunity to invoke chaos and death. But could a slaad really D&D 5e's most powerful creature?


MTF, Page 180

The ruler of one of the Nine Hells, Zariel's true passion is collecting the souls of the world's greatest warriors. What better place to that than the Monster Deathmatch tournament?


MTF, Page 157

The Lady of Rot and Decay loves nothing more than to infect living things and transforming them into servants before they rot and decompose. Will she add any more creatures to her army of the unwitting?


Want to know more about the tournament and contest rules?

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