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Have you ever wondered what is the strongest Monster in D&D? What creature rules them all?  Well, the Monster Deathmatch Tournament is designed specifically to do that while also offering tons of cool prizes to the community.

Enter to win some dice, third-party publisher resources, merchandise, character commissions and many other TTRPG prizes!

A D&D 5e Tournament to Answer the Most Important Question: Who Would Beat Who in a Fight?


The Almighty All-Father and powerful god known as Eych'en'ess has hand-selected and teleported the 32 strongest creatures against their will to fight for his entertainment!

Using D&D 5e rules, official sourcebooks, and a few
rules put in place by the almighty Eych'en'ess, a select group of seasoned game masters will be using these teams to battle each other in a tournament-style bracket until there is one last standing.

But that's just the tip of the iceberg because
YOU get to fill out a tournament bracket with your predictions of who will win each match. Once you submit a bracket, you're entered to win tons of tabletop prizes. And guess what? - it's absolutely free to play!

All monster deathmatches will be streamed live with commentary from Matt and guest tabletop creators on the Hidden Nerdy Side YouTube channel. It's a great way to not only win some sweet prizes, but game masters can listen as the commentators break down ways to run these monsters and implement them in your games.


First, check out the bracket and all the teams below and decide how you think the tournament will play out. All the creatures and where to find them in their official sourcebook are on the bracket page. Either use your wits to strategically plane your bracket or just pick the creatures you like best - you do you!


Simply fill out the PDF below or you can print it off, write down your picks, and take a photo. If you do choose to write down your picks, make sure the image your take is clear and legible or it may not be accepted. 

We highly recommend filling out the bracket on a desktop rather than on a mobile device.

Send your completed form to

before February 19, 2022, at 10 am CST to qualify. 




After you submit your free bracket, you will automatically be entered in the tournament and can win based on your performance.

  • Win our ultimate grand prize by guessing a 100% correct bracket

  • Everyone who guesses the correct winning team will be entered into a separate prize draw

  • Everyone who guesses the most correct teams will be entered into a separate prize draw

  • All participants will be entered into weekly prize draws

You can only submit one bracket per person that's eligible for the official tournament prize draws, but you can earn more entries into our weekly prize draws by following the HNS community and by commenting on our Monster Deathmatch live streams!

Weekly prize draws will take place during the first live stream of the following week and tournament prize draws will take place on the day after the final match.


All the ways to win


The matches begin on February 19, 2022, and go until March 13, 2022

All deathmatches will be streamed on YouTube on the Hidden Nerdy Side channel on Saturdays and Sundays starting at 12 AM CST. Matches may be moved to the middle of the week when needed. Make sure to follow Hidden Nerdy Side (@hiddennerdyside) on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube for updates.



Discover which creatures are going head-to-head in the most epic of death battle tournaments.

Every competitor has a brief description of the creature, what official sourcebook it comes from and a link to it on D&D Beyond (but y'know, feel free to find it on 5e Tools). Many of these creatures already have deep backstories, but for the ones that don't - we made our own!



**Prizes may not appear exactly as depicted. See the contest rules page for more details on what happens when there are multiple winners**

Tournament Prizes

100% Accuracy

Grand Prize (Over $1,500 Total Value)

If your godly prediction skills manage to guess a 100% correct bracket - you win ALL available prizes in the tournament and weekly draws PLUS:

  • 5 books of your choice from D&D Beyond

  • A Codex Dice Tower from Elderwood Academy

  • A $100 DMs Guild gift certificate

  • A theme song composed by Michaël Ghelfi Studios

*Only available to people who submit brackets before 10 am CST on February 19, 2022

Picking the

Winning Team

If you correctly guess which team wins the whole tournament, you'll be entered into a draw to win this great prize package from Only Crits, Cawood Publishing and Michaël Ghelfi Studios

From Only Crits

  • Labradorite Essence - Stone Dice Set

  • Transparent Ducky - Dice Set

  • Pride of Kings - 5e 3 level Adventure

  • Hunt of the Crangtar Terror - 5e One-Shot

From Cawood Publishing

  • Three books containing over 100 homebrew monsters each

  • Two additional DM resources to aid in downtime play and NPC creation

From Michaël Ghelfi Studios

  • A free copy of their music collection "Combat Music Collection vol. 1" and "Ambiences Vol. 1 (Short Loops)"

*Only available to people who submit brackets before 10 am CST on February 19, 2022

Only Crits.png
Featured Prize_Correct Pick.jpg
Featured Prize_Most Picks.jpg

Getting the Most Correct Picks

Everyone who has the highest total number of correct guesses for where teams ended up will be gathered into a draw to win this great prize package from Elderwood Academy, Underground Oracle Publishing and Michaël Ghelfi Studios

From Elderwood Academy

  • Premium Hex Chest For Your Dice 

  • Mini Spellbook Dice & Mini Container

From Underground Oracle

  • 12 written resources for players

  • 12 written resources for Dungeon Masters

From Michaël Ghelfi Studios

  • A free copy of their music collection "Combat Music Collection vol. 1" and "Ambiences Vol. 1 (Short Loops)"

*Only available to people who submit brackets before 10 am CST on February 19, 2022

UO Logo.png

Weekly Draw Prizes Open to All


Beautiful Player & DM Notebooks

Field Notes Logo.jpg

The folks at Field Notes are offering up:

  • 2 Character Journal Packs

  • 2 Game Master Journal Packs

  • 2 Monster/Encounter Journal Packs


A 5th Edition Level 21-30 Expansion

From our friends at 2CGaming, you'll receive the following:

  • Epic Legacy Core Rulebook

  • Epic Legacy Campaign Codex

  • Epic Legacy Tome of Titans


Premium Custom Dice Set


A unique dice set specially crafted for this tournament made by our friends at Artisan Dice

Titanium Dice.jpg

The Ultimate Player Bundle

The awesome guys at D20 Collective are giving one lucky winner a:

  • Deluxe Dice Bag

  • Collapsible 6-Sided Dice Tray

  • Orbital Light 7-Piece Dice Set

  • Scroll Style Leather Journal

D20 Collective.jpg

Extra Prize Draws Throughout the Event!

DMs Guild Gift Certificates

At random points throughout the event, live viewers will have a chance to win $25 gift certificates to the DMs Guild!

DMsGuild-Logo (1).png
Website Banner.jpg

Custom-Designed Quests for Your Homebrew World

You give me your lore, party composition, preference and any other info you like and I'll make a unique quest for only your table to enjoy!

A Group Commission for a Party of 4

Get artwork of your entire party done up in style (or get some wonderful NPC art) by one of Hidden Nerdy Side's artists, Foxtea


A Third-Party Book of Monsters

Cawood Publishing is keeping the prizes coming with a softcover version of the monster book of your choice, including over 100 new creatures


Promo Codes Available Throughout the Event!

Use MDDADDY for 10% off your entire order in the HNS Shop!

Use HNSDeathmatch for 10% off everything at D20 Collective

Field Notes Logo.jpg
Only Crits.png

Click on any logo to find out more about the amazing tabletop companies who helped make this event possible!


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What are you waiting for?
Go fill out your bracket!


If you're looking for more info, visit the Tournament Bracket page for details on the participating creatures and scheduling. Visit the Rules page for more info about how the tournament is run.

** This is not an official D&D or Wizards of the Coast production**

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